Building specialists, pre-purchase inspections, project management, dilapidation reports

April 8, 2021

RPT Limited provide comprehensive building and home inspection services throughout Cambridge and the wider Waikato region

Giving buyers an accurate picture of their property and develop long term maintenance plans to ensure residential buildings are well maintained

With lots of experience in the building industry we also offer residential and commercial construction project management.

Pre-purchase inspections

Allowing you to make an informed decision before investing in a property, our pre-purchase inspections service offers you a close-up report, making your job as a landlord easier.

Residential project management

Our construction project management service offers complete project management solutions for your next residential or commercial building project.Servicing Cambridge, Hamilton and Waikato.

Full dilapidation reports

Full dilapidation reports record what the condition of a property or building is in before, during or at the end of a leased period. Servicing Cambridge, Hamilton and Waikato.


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