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Natural Knowledge Ltd

May 22, 2021

With more than 30 years of experience, Natural Knowledge is an independent consultancy run by a soil scientist for evaluating your land and soil.

We help land developers and farmers carry out expert soil testing and soil mapping throughout Waikato and the North Island.

If you need assistance with your dairy effluent management and irrigation planning, Natural Knowledge’s team of experts can help.

Expert Soil Testing

Natural Knowledge provides soil investigation report for you to use in council applications or other planning and expert soil testing using standard approved methods.

Detailed Soil/LUC Mapping

An accurate soil map helps you determine how land can be used and whether any remediation work needs to be done. We can also produce maps for land use consent applications that conform to all council standards.

High Standard Effluent Irrigation

Run your farming operation well and take care of your Dairy effluent management with a detailed soil analysis to help determine the location and size of storage ponds and inform irrigation plans.