Natural Bark & Compost

July 20, 2021

Come to the yard or call now for all your garden compost and bark product needs.

With delivery across the North Island, we also offer free courtesy trailers for transporting your compost and bark.

Supplying potting & garden mixes, topsoil, bark, wood chips, compost and decor including stones and pebbles.

Compost suppliers available

Ensure your whole garden is thriving and well with our chicken manure compost. Flowers, trees, lawn and vegetable gardens all work well with this effective, quality compost.

Ground cover and mulch with bark and wood chips

There are a multitude of uses for these natural products that you can use in your property, including bark ground covers, moisture conservation and weed suppression with mulch.

Garden decor with pebbles and stones

Add colour and variety to your garden with our extensive selection of decorative stones. Whether for informal pathways or separating spaces, we have the decorative pebbles for you.


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