Tuning & Performance

February 9, 2021

Tuning & Performance combines expert mechanical skill and modern equipment for repairs and diagnostics.

Tuning & Performance also offers dyno tuning to help your vehicle perform better.

Our team can help with any make or model, but specialise in classic and modified vehicles and race car set ups.

Engine Tuning and Performance

Tuning & Performance offers ECU remapping for factor and aftermarket units to improve power, torque and fuel efficiency. Our team uses modern diagnostics to ensure accurate results.

Diagnostics and Servicing

If you car is out of warranty, Tuning & Performance offer a reputable and professional servicing option and can also undertake repairs. Our modern diagnostic tools offer advanced diagnostic options for even the trickiest problem.

Automotive fabrication

For car modifications or to repair worn or damaged parts, Tuning & Performance can carry out custom fabrication in house. Modifications can also be made for race cars and track cars.


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