Waipa Civil

July 6, 2021

Civil construction firm Waipa Civil assists local councils and construction companies throughout the greater Waikato region and Bay of Plenty area.

Waipa Civil employs four directional drill crews, four qualified watermain contractors, two civil crews and certified drainlayers.

Safety and environmental awareness plays a crucial role in how (site:name) operates its business.

Underground water systems

Safeguard the underground water systems in your Waikato or Bay of Plenty town with the team of watermain contractors employed by reputable civil contruction firm Waipa Civil.

Directional drilling

Waipa Civil employs four specialised directional drilling crews to carry out work in environmentally sensitive areas throughout the greater Waikato region using advanced directional drilling technology.


Waipa Civil can carry out cross drainage works, irrigation and flood control, construction of trenches, laying of pipes, subsoil drainage and more in a variety of urban and rural situations.


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